Sandra Castillo-Rey
Biographical Information
  • Alive
  • 17-19
  • Student
Physical Description
  • Enhanced Human
  • Female
Love Interest:
Superhuman Characteristics
Physical abilities:
  • Electric current
  • Electricity Ball
Character Information
Portrayed by: Ana Fernández
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Sandra Benedetti-Castillo-Rey is a teenage girl with the power to alter the electric field all around her. After discovering her power and trying to find information on the internet and  looking at the books without finding any answers. To leave her sister unconscious of a download runs away from home, the starting point to finish knowing what will be her new family by means of Culebra, who at first is more than one strain, despite her attraction to the boy. The longing for her real family and their attempts to control her ability without being carried away by the emotions they will mark this new stage of her life. When she discovers that her family is moving heaven and earth to find her and decides to return with them to leave Rey Castillo, falling into the trap that her pursuers would have tended, those carrying their den to force her to reveal the hiding of her other family . Fortunately escapes the place with the unexpected help of Angel, one of the prisoners guys and gets her back to her fake family. Although Leo avoids changing the timeline to save the life of Culebra that she and her "brother" declare their love get later confide to each other. Not so far in defeating their enemies and it destroys the magic plant that gave all powers to control her ability when it gets to play the love of her life.